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2600 MHz

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Welcome to the ultimate solution for enhancing your Optus 5G mobile network coverage in Australia with our advanced 2600 MHz signal boosters. Designed to amplify the 5G signals of Optus’s mobile network, our boosters ensure you stay connected with crystal-clear voice calls and blazing-fast internet speeds, no matter where you are. Whether you are in a small apartment or a large commercial space, we have a signal booster tailored to your needs.

Key Features

Wide Coverage Area

Our signal boosters come in a variety of models, each designed to cover different area sizes:

  • 300 SQM: Ideal for small homes and apartments.
  • 500 SQM: Perfect for larger homes and small offices.
  • 1000 SQM: Suitable for large offices and medium-sized commercial spaces.
  • 5000 SQM: Best for large commercial buildings, warehouses, and expansive areas.

Optus 5G Compatibility

Our boosters are specifically designed to amplify the 2600 MHz frequency, which is a primary band for Optus’s 5G network. This ensures that you get the best possible performance from your Optus 5G connection.

High-Quality Signal Amplification

With advanced amplification technology, our boosters significantly enhance both the uplink and downlink signals, providing stronger and more reliable connections even in areas with poor signal strength.

Easy Installation

Our signal boosters are designed for quick and easy installation. Each unit comes with a detailed installation guide, and no technical expertise is required. You can set up your booster and start enjoying improved signal strength in no time.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all our products, ensuring you get your signal booster without any additional cost. Your booster will be delivered to your doorstep, ready to enhance your Optus 5G experience.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products. Simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Benefits of Using Our Signal Boosters

  • Improved Call Quality: Experience clear and uninterrupted voice calls.
  • Faster Data Speeds: Enjoy faster download and upload speeds, ideal for streaming, gaming, and browsing.
  • Extended Coverage: Eliminate dead zones and improve coverage throughout your home or office.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: Stronger signals mean your phone uses less power to stay connected, extending your battery life.
  • Reliable Connection: Maintain a stable connection even in areas with traditionally weak signal strength.

How It Works

Our signal boosters work by capturing the existing weak Optus 5G signal using an external antenna. The signal is then amplified by the booster unit and rebroadcasted within your desired coverage area through an internal antenna. This results in a significantly stronger and more reliable signal throughout the covered area.

Installation Guide

  1. External Antenna Placement: Install the external antenna outside your building, preferably in a location with the strongest existing signal.
  2. Connect to Booster Unit: Run the coaxial cable from the external antenna to the booster unit placed inside your building.
  3. Internal Antenna Placement: Connect the internal antenna to the booster unit and place it in the area where you need improved signal strength.
  4. Power Up: Plug in the booster unit and power it on. The system will start amplifying the signal immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will the signal booster work with other networks?

A: Our 2600 MHz signal boosters are specifically designed for the Optus 5G network. They may work with other networks that use the 2600 MHz frequency, but optimal performance is guaranteed with Optus.

Q: Is the installation process difficult?

A: Not at all! Our signal boosters are designed for easy installation with a comprehensive guide included. No technical expertise is required.

Q: What if the booster doesn’t improve my signal?

A: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

Q: Can the booster cover multiple floors?

A: Yes, our boosters can cover multiple floors, but the effectiveness may vary depending on building materials and layout. For larger multi-story buildings, multiple units might be required for optimal coverage.

Q: Are there any ongoing costs?

A: No, once you purchase the booster, there are no ongoing costs. It’s a one-time investment to improve your Optus 5G signal.

Contact Us

For any questions or further assistance, feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to help you get the most out of your Optus 5G signal booster.

Experience the difference with our 2600 MHz signal boosters and enjoy seamless Optus 5G connectivity wherever you are!

Optus 5G Signal Booster – 500 SQM

Original price was: $815.00.Current price is: $620.00.

Coverage: 500 SQM

Ideal for: Home/Office

Optus 5G Signal Booster – 300 SQM

Original price was: $625.00.Current price is: $475.00.

Coverage: 300 SQM

Ideal for: Home