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4G Amplifier: Function and Selection Criteria

A 4G amplifier is an indispensable tool to put an end to the problems of poor connection on the 4G network. As the name suggests, it is a very capable device that helps the mobile phone signal to work as it should. There are a variety of models with various characteristics that must be taken into account to make a choice according to your needs. Discover in this article all the essential information to know about this equipment in order to find the best.

What is a 4G Amplifier?

The 4G amplifier is equipment designed to boost the mobile connection offered by the networks. Thus said, its role is to promote optimal reception in the entire area covered by the device.

It picks up the signal and takes care of multiplying it. Installed, this device is equipped with a light diode that shows the signal performance. The 4G amplifier is made up of several elements that must necessarily accompany it for it to work. These include a receiving antenna, an amplifier, as well as an indoor antenna.

The Receiving Antenna

It goes up outside the house or inside depending on the model. It receives the signals available from outside the building and sends them to the 4G amplifier via a coaxial cable. It can be unidirectional or omnidirectional.

The Amplifier

This component regenerates the signal it has received and then distributes it to all the sectors where the network is expected, via an indoor antenna.

Indoor Antenna

It is useful for broadcasting the signal sent by the amplifier. It can be fixed directly on the amplifier or it can be of the ceiling or wall type.

What are its Different Advantages?

The 4G amplifier is the ideal alternative for individuals who are in areas with insufficient 4G network coverage. The 4G amplifier boosts the signal even in the farthest places from the relay antenna.

It is a powerful tool, capable of covering up to at least 20 rooms or 5000 SQM area depending on its model. It is therefore no longer necessary to go out to get the connection when you have one. It is efficient both for the Internet and for oral communications.

In addition, the 4G booster is a great way to keep a cell phone battery longer. Indeed, it makes it possible to reduce the waves emitted by the smartphone. This one no longer releases a great power for its connection with the network. This helps it not to discharge too quickly. In addition to all this, with the 4G amplifier, we have the possibility of connecting several laptops at the same time.

How to Install a 4G Amplifier?

You should know that you do not necessarily need a technician to place this device at home. It is possible to do it yourself based on the instructions given in the guide that accompanies the equipment.

Hardware installation should be done in stages. It is first necessary to place the antenna which must receive the waves of the network in height (on the roof for example). But not anywhere. It should be ensured that it is installed in an area of ​​the house where the signal is displayed very high. It is important to direct it to the cellular network device close to the place of installation of the 4G amplifier. This is to get a good signal.

However, this concerns more unidirectional antennas. After having correctly positioned the antenna, it is then necessary to connect a coaxial cable from it until reaching the amplifier which will have to be put in the house. It is advisable not to twist the cable or roll it up to have a better passage of the waves.

Finally, we move on to connecting the indoor antenna to the cable or to the 4G amplifier directly depending on its model. Note that for proper operation of the installation, the indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna should never be too close together. It will be necessary to put them at a distance of at least 3 meters or more.

If the installation of the device is successful, a diode will light up on the 4G amplifier to signal this. This will at the same time show the performance with respect to the signal being transmitted. In addition, the smartphone can also give the strength of the latter and more precisely in dBm. This is possible by entering the “settings” function for Android mobiles.

How to Effectively Choose a 4G Amplifier?

In order to opt for a suitable device, it is essential to take a number of elements into consideration. It is in this case the compatibility of the tool with the frequency used by the operator as well as the types of antennas that accompany it.

The Compatibility of the Device with the Frequency of the Operator

It is essential to check before buying your 4G amplifier, the frequency used by your operator. This is to be sure that it is compatible with it. To verify this, you just have to show your address online on the space of the National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR). It provides a map that will indicate the different frequencies used by the operators. Even you can use a simple google search to find the frequency bands used by your cellular operator.

It should be remembered that most operators most often use frequencies indicating either 800 MHz, 850 MHz, or 1800 MHz with regard to 4G. It is therefore necessary to take into account its data to make a good choice of the 4G amplifier.

Antennas (their model and quality)

This is a criterion not to be overlooked if you want to find a functional device as it should. As underlined above, one finds on the market amplifiers with antennas with a single direction or with several directions. It is then necessary to make its choice of the antenna according to the zone where one wishes to install the amplifier especially when it is a question of the one to be fixed outside. The multi-directional models are more suitable for the city while the unidirectional ones are suitable for sparsely populated rural areas.

However, it is also necessary to ensure that these antennas with which the 4G amplifier is equipped are of impeccable quality. They must be made of materials that are resistant to wind, dust, rain, etc. So that you don’t have to change the antenna after some time. Aluminum models combined with steel should be preferred. For the best results, you can buy a Yagi antenna.


A 4G amplifier is a must-have device for everyone having 4G signal reception issues on any cellular network. It is easy to install and use.