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What is a Mobile Network Booster

mobile network booster, as its name suggests, is a small electronic device that amplifies the quality of the mobile network in a significant way.

It sometimes happens that the mobile network, especially at home, does not pass, or signal reception is very weak, in certain rooms of a house. For several years, mobile network boosters have made it possible to compensate for these low signal reception problems. With its help, mobile users do not have to suffer from signal reception problems at home or office.

But, it is important to keep in mind that all the available mobile network boosters are not the same. Every model is different and is designed for a different purpose and different capacity.

Choosing the Right Mobile Network Booster

The choice of a mobile network booster depends on many parameters. There are mobile network boosters that your cellular service provider might provide you. The catch with such network boosters is that they are linked with your cellular service provider. They only amplify the network signals for one particular cellular service provider.

They don’t amplify signals for any other cellular service provider. However, there are mobile network boosters that work for multiple cellular service providers.

If you are looking for a mobile network booster that amplifies signals for multiple cellular networks then do check our website. You just have to select your country, cellular service provider, the type of signal you want to boost, and the area you want to cover. Then click on “Show Me My Booster” and the system will show you the boosters for your need.

You can easily add the required mobile network booster to the cart and buy it.

Components of a Mobile Network Booster

A mobile network booster has three main components. It has an external antenna, an internal antenna, and an amplifier. A few network boosters that cover more than 1000 square meters of the area have more than one internal antenna to maximize the coverage area. Along with these components, the kit also has coax cables, clamps, screws, and a mobile signal booster installation guide. The installation guide helps you install your network booster correctly.

How to Install a Network Booster?

Take all the components of the network booster out of the box. Now refer to the mobile signal booster installation guide. The external antenna is placed outside the building where it can catch the existing weak mobile signals from the surrounding. It is connected to the amplifier with the help of a coax cable. This antenna catches and sends the signals from outside to the amplifier for amplifying.

On the other end of the amplifier connect another coax cable and on the other end of the coax cable connect the internal antenna. The amplifier amplifies the signal strength and sends the amplified signals to the internal antenna for broadcasting inside the building. The internal antenna is placed inside the building where the amplified signal is required.

How does a Mobile Network Booster work?

A mobile network booster works on the same frequency bands that your cellular service provider uses to provide you with their services. For instance, if your cellular service provider broadcasts its 2G signals on 900 MHz frequency bands, and you are having a 2G signal reception problem then you should buy a network booster that works on 900 MHz frequency bands to amplify your signal strength.

The external (outdoor) antenna catches signals from outside the building and sends that to the amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the signal strength and sends the amplified signals to the internal antenna for broadcasting inside the building. This way the residents in the building receive and enjoy full-strength signals.

There are network boosters available that work on one, two, three, or four different frequency bands. They are either made for one particular cellular service provider or they can be used with multiple cellular service providers. For more clarity and complete information about a network booster you want to buy do read the product description carefully.

Features and Benefits

Among the major features of the Mobile Network Booster are:

  • LCD display. You can see all parameters of the device and its working status. The intelligent display also shows the installation guide. Its LCD display is designed according to cutting-edge trends in technology.
  • Energy saving mode. When the device is not used, it goes into sleep mode and its screen turns off automatically. It saves energy consumption. However, it consumes very less energy.
  • Compact & Effective. The small size, lightweight, and modern design of this booster will make it a stylish accessory in any home, office, or building.
  • Safe and healthy. CE- and RoHS-compliance of the booster proves that it doesn’t emit harmful radiation. It is completely safe to use both personally and commercially.
  • AC/DC Power: These signal boosters work on both AC and DC powers. Hence, you can use them anywhere even without a power supply.
  • Weather Proof: It works in all weather conditions and in all terrains. That ensures you always have the best and strong signal reception.
  • No Maintenance Requirement: These signal boosters don’t require any maintenance at all and you can continue using them for years without any problem.

Safety & Certification

Every mobile signal booster listed on our website is confirmed to be 100% safe for its users, mobile devices, health, and the environment. These signal boosters are CE and RoHS certified which proves their safety and international acceptance.

Returns and Refunds

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products if you are not happy with their performance. You can try our products worry-free and if not satisfied you can return that and get your money back. Also, we offer free and fast shipping on all our products globally.


A mobile network booster is a must-have device if you have any type of mobile signal reception problems. With such an amazing device available to you there is no reason you should keep struggling with the problem of poor signal reception on your cellular network.