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How to Boost Network Signal of Your Mobile Phone

The choice of a new home depends on many criteria: its size, the number of bedrooms, its general condition, its price, and of course its environment. But, unless you are addicted to your smartphone, it is quite possible that you do not think to check the quality of the mobile network when you visit a house or an apartment. And yet, this point is essential because what could be more frustrating than not being able to use your mobile plan at home. You need a good signal reception and a mobile signal booster can help you boost network signal of your mobile phone.

What to do if you have network problems at home?

Most people forget to check the network coverage of their mobile operators in their future homes before buying or renting them. More often than not, it’s only after moving in that they discover they have network issues that prevent them from taking full advantage of their mobile plan.

Rest assured: if this happens to you, you are not doomed to go out into the street to make your phone calls or to change operator, you can always equip yourself with a GSM network signal amplifier.

How can a GSM repeater amplify the network signal?

A GSM repeater is a piece of equipment that amplifies the mobile network signal to compensate for the lack of network coverage in your home. It consists of an outdoor antenna, a cellular amplifier, and an indoor antenna.

The operation of a GSM repeater is simple: the network signal, emitted by the relay antenna of your mobile operator, is picked up by the external antenna, it passes through the repeater which amplifies it then it arrives at the internal antenna. which transmits it to your mobile phone. As the cellular booster has strengthened the network signal, you should no longer experience any network issues.

There are many models of GSM repeaters (for homes, buildings, cars, etc.). To choose your GSM amplifier correctly, several criteria must be taken into account: the frequency bands used by the GSM repeater (so that it is compatible with your mobile operator’s network), the use you wish to make of it (improve the network signal for your calls, for the Internet or for both), the size of your home, etc.

Furthermore, since the frequencies used by mobile operators are managed by Telecom Regulatory Authority, the use of a GSM repeater that amplifies the network signal is subject to obtaining administrative authorization.

Does all this seem too complicated? At MySignalBoosters, you can choose the network you want to use: Telus, Rogers, or Bell, it’s up to you! And if you hesitate between the Bell network and the Rogers network, we invite you to compare the coverage of these two operators. You can thus assess the quality of mobile networks according to your usage. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the chosen network, you can change the network easily.

Should You Change Smartphones to Capture Better Signals?

Your mobile phone can also affect the quality of your mobile reception at home. Indeed, a mobile that is too old or even if you have an entry-level smartphone model, your network signal at your home can be degraded and even sometimes blocked in the event of a hardware failure linked to component wear.

Remember that depending on the brands and models of smartphones, the integrated antennas, as well as the onboard modems, are not equal. In addition, some smartphone models do not support all the frequency bands used in France by mobile operators.

Thus, your mobile reception is strongly impacted. To amplify your mobile reception at home, buying a new smartphone can be the solution in some cases. When choosing your new mobile phone, remember to check the power and the frequency bands supported by it. If you choose the right mobile signal booster you surely will be able to boost network signal for your mobile phone.

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