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How to Overcome Mobile Signal Issues at Your Workplace

Issues with a mobile connection can be very irritating but if they arise at your workplace and prevent you from fulfilling your job tasks properly they are more than simply irritating, they are a disaster. But even if you face signal problems and your operator can do nothing, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a solution in such a situation. We are not going to recommend you build a new cell tower in your neighborhood or change your services provider. We are going to offer something significantly better. That’s a mobile phone signal booster. It helps you overcome mobile signal issues at your workplace.

What is a Signal Booster and How Does it Work?

A signal booster (or repeater) is a special device to amplify the mobile signal reception for you. It’s important to understand that this booster can’t fully replace a cell tower and create a new signal for you. It is able to catch the signal that is already being spread by your provider and amplify it.

Antennas of such boosters are much more sensitive than the built-in antennas of all the smartphones that exist today. And that’s the main secret that explains why a booster can catch the signal while your smartphone or tablet is not able to do that. That’s why with your operator, for example, Telus not working completely in your area, it won’t be possible to fully create its signal. But if this signal is just very-very low, a modern repeater will easily help you.

Components of a Mobile Signal Booster

A standard kit of a mobile signal booster includes the following elements:

  • A repeater box (it will stabilize your signal and make it stronger)
  • An outdoor antenna (it catches a poor signal)
  • An indoor antenna (it sends the amplified signal
  • Coaxial cable for connecting the antennas with the booster box.

Some boosters have a very wide coverage that is enough for big office buildings and hotels. To ensure this capacity engineers have enriched such models with two or three indoor antennas.

As a rule, when you buy a booster at a reliable store, you get a full kit and you do not need to order any additional elements. All that you need will be already included in the kit. And of course, such an approach to business greatly simplifies the task for clients who will have just to choose the correct model and install it in a proper way.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Signal Booster for You?

If you want to reach the best results in strengthening your signal, you need to be very attentive and responsible at the stage of choosing your signal booster. Even if you are not ready to dive into technical details, it is not a problem at all. The key parameters for making the right choice do not require any tech knowledge and background. They are:

The Compatibility with Some Particular Frequency Bands (and, consequently, with signals of different types)

There are different booster models. Some of them are required for strengthening only GSM signal or only 3G or 4G signal, some others can work with several signals at the same time. Mobile operators use different frequency bands for different types of signals. That’s why to improve some particular signals a booster should be compatible with the particular frequencies.

The Coverage Area

You should clearly understand where you are going to install your booster. Today there are repeaters for small flats and for large buildings. They have different power and, as a result, different capacities in covering the inner area with the improved signal.

It’s crucial to be very careful with this parameter as if you buy a booster with a coverage area that will be not sufficient for your office or house, some corners and rooms of the building will still have a very poor signal reception.

At the same time, you shouldn’t buy the most expensive and powerful devices for small locations as there is absolutely no sense in such a decision. You will just overpay for the capacities that you won’t be able to enjoy.

For example, on our website, you can buy signal boosters to cover 300 SQM, 500 SQM, 1000 SQM, and 5000 SQM areas.

If you have problems with making up your mind, you can always get a consultation with experts as many shops that offer such devices have customer support services and their specialists can provide you with all the necessary information. Tell them the issues you are facing like voice signals dropping or 3G or 4G signals being weaker. They will help you choose a mobile signal booster that will surely help you overcome mobile signal issues at your workplace.

Installation Process of Mobile Signal Booster

And when you order the best booster for your case and receive it, it’s time to proceed with its installation. But how to install a cell phone signal repeater? That’s the main question that we need to answer.

Though different models can have different configurations, in general, the approach to their installation will always stay the same.

Actually, you do not need any professional skills to do that. Even people who see boosters for the first time in their lives can install them just within 15-20 minutes. But there is one important condition for that: it is required to carefully read all the instructions for booster installation.

As a rule, the process of installation should be started by connecting the antennas to the booster box and then placing them at the right locations in accordance with the set rules. Quite often there are recommendations regarding the direction of your outdoor antenna and the vertical distance between the indoor and outdoor antennas.

If your booster has an LCD screen (many modern devices have such screens on the body of the repeater box), there you will be able to see useful tips on how to place your antennas in order to achieve the best results.

When the booster is installed, it usually takes just a couple of seconds for it to improve the quality of your signal.


As you see, everything sounds quite simple. And it is really so! That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to buy this device due to a lack of some tech experience or skills.

Cell signal boosters can become a perfect partner for you to help you overcome mobile signal issues at home and in the office!