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Mobile Signal Booster – Everything You Need to Know About

The current mobile network does not yet cover certain areas, called “white areas”, such as the countryside or fairly remote regions. It even happens that in the middle of town, where the coverage is supposed to be excellent, you encounter certain network problems. This could be due to network congestion or a problem with your phone. Either way, you have the option to fix it instantly by using a mobile signal booster.

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

A mobile signal booster is also called a mobile network booster, or a mobile signal amplifier. It is a small electronic device, that works on the same frequency bands that are used by your cellular operator to provide you their various services. The main function of this device is to solve the various problems related to the weakening of the mobile signal. Indeed, the mobile signal amplifier has been set up by many Canadian companies and households in order to receive a better mobile signal.

You should know that the mobile signal amplifier is essentially composed of 3 distinct parts:

  • An outdoor antenna is responsible for receiving the initial signal.
  • An amplifier that stimulates the signal.
  • An internal antenna that will broadcast the already optimized signal throughout the covered area.

These 3 components are connected to each other with the help of a coax cable. Thanks to the coax cable designed for this, it transmits the mobile radio signals without any loss. The mobile network booster can also be used for improving WiFi signal strength and broadcast it in every nook and corner of your property.

How to Set Up Mobile Network Amplifier?

Take all the components of the signal booster out of the box. First, place the outdoor antenna on your roof or balcony where it can catch the existing weak mobile signal. Connect it with a coax cable and at the end of the coax cable connect the amplifier (input).

The amplifier is placed inside the building. Now, on the other end (output) of the amplifier connect the other coax cable and at the other end of the cable, you will have to connect the indoor antenna.

Place the internal antenna inside the building where you require the amplified mobile signal. Usually, one internal antenna can cover almost all the corners and rooms of the house if the internal walls are not too thick.

How Does this Mobile Signal Booster Work?

Most often, the mobile signal booster is used within a residential area where mobile network coverage is quite weak. But it can also be used in large houses or properties with a large area. You should know that for signal transmission, walls play an important role because if they are thick enough, they could interfere with the signal quality on your property.

For operation, the mobile signal amplifier will first pick up a weak signal to be able to amplify it. But for the signal to be amplified optimally and thus have better results, it is important to place the external antenna in an area where the signal is stable. In other words, the outdoor antenna must pick up a constant signal, even if it is quite weak, in order to be able to amplify it. It will therefore not be able to work if you put it in an area where the signal is non-existent.

Before proceeding with the installation of a mobile signal amplifier in a commercial building, you must obtain authorization from the administration or the agreement of your operator. If you don’t, you could suffer serious consequences. However, if you are installing the mobile signal booster for your personal use in your house, you don’t require any approval.

What are the Different Types of Mobile Signal Amplifiers?

In the market, there is a wide variety of mobile signal boosters. They are categorized according to their powers and configurations.

The Fixed Network Amplifier

Intended for large spaces such as offices, homes, or other buildings. The fixed network amplifier has been designed to optimize the signal in closed places. Its power can be very varied depending on the model. There are models that are designed to cover a single room and others that can cover the entire property.

The fixed network amplifier may be equipped with several internal antennas. This allows it to cover the entire area that needs a better-quality network. On our website, you can find mobile signal boosters that can cover 300 m2 to 5000 m2 areas.

The Portable Network Amplifier

There are also portable network boosters that can be of great use on the go. This type of network amplifier is divided into 2 categories. The first category concerns the short-range mobile network amplifier. It combines the indoor antenna and the amplifier in a single device and it cannot be used by several devices at the same time.

This implies that only one telephone at a time can benefit from the network provided by this amplifier. The second category of portable network amplifiers has a higher power. It also has the ability to broadcast the signal to a larger area and can be used by multiple devices at once. It is the ideal kit for people who want to go on a trip, whether with family or friends.

These amplifiers are good for vehicles, cars, motor homes, ships, boats, etc.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Signal Booster?

Among the different types of mobile signal boosters, it is necessary to know how to make a good choice to obtain an optimal result. As it has already been mentioned before, for the mobile signal booster to work properly, it needs to pick up a signal, even if it is weak.

To make your choice, there are comparisons on the internet which are generally made according to the frequency bands which are used by the amplifiers. It could be a single band or single band amplifier, a dual-band amplifier, or a tri-band amplifier. The comparison can also relate to the premises it can cover.

However, the best is to buy a Universal Signal Booster. The Universal Signal Boosters work on all the frequency bands that are used by the cellular operators in Canada. So, it boosts all types of signals for all cellular networks in Canada. Just keep in mind how much area you want this booster to cover. There are four coverages in these i.e., 3230 SQFT, 5380 SQFT, 10770 SQFT, and 53820 SQFT.


With the whole discussion, you understood what is a mobile signal booster and how it can help you enjoy better signal reception. Buy your mobile signal booster today and enjoy better mobile signal reception.

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