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Why We Need Mobile Phone Signal Booster in 2022

Before we discuss why we need mobile phone signal boosters in 2022 let’s first discuss the problem. The problem that you need to fix with the help of a mobile phone signal booster.

 Telecommunication companies around the world aim to provide connectivity to every part of their territories in 2022. However, the technology is not yet that advanced and we often face difficulty while using our mobile phones in various places. These places could be cars, basements, homes, offices, apartments, and storerooms.

Although most of our towns and cities have good signal strengths sometimes we feel like there is good signal strength in your backyard and have poor connectivity in our lounge. To counter this problem, technology giants have made a device that catches signals for you using an antenna and boosts its strength to provide you with full signal strength.

All you have to do is to place this device called a mobile phone signal booster in the strong signal zone and it will amplify and pass the boosted signals to your cell phone.

In today’s world, it has now become a necessity to have good signal strength to use our cell phones without any problem. As most of us are working from home due to the current situation of COVID-19, even a single second of network disturbance can ruin our work. Therefore, instead of relying upon a small antenna of your phone, get a device that can detect signals from the surroundings and amplify them without disturbing the cellular carrier’s system.

One more thing to keep in mind while buying a mobile phone signal booster from the market is that the booster should be from any known company. It is because the cheap boosters sold online are mostly not FCC-certified or CE-certified and they can mess up with the surrounding carriers.

When Do You Need a Signal Booster?

Always keep that in mind, these cellular boosters will only help you if the signal strength inside your house or workplace is weak, it will not work if you are in a no-signal zone.

The bars on the top left side of your phone illustrate the signal strength in –dBm. If the signal in your phone is below -120dBM you are definitely in need of a mobile phone signal booster. However, to check the exact signal strength in your area, you can download the app CellMapper.

Moreover, one good trick before investing in a mobile phone signal booster is that, check your phone over the Wi-Fi. There is a chance that your phone or the device you are using can be defective. Once you are sure that your device is not defective, go for the mobile phone signal booster, trust me it will provide you comfort and improved mobile signal strength in the best way possible.

After buying this device you don’t need to keep your windows or doors open, you’ll get signals even in your blanket and basement. So, that might change your life.

How Does Mobile Phone Signal Booster Work?

Mobile Phone Signal boosters are installed and connected in such a way that they take outdoor signals via external antennas. Normally, these external antennas are mounted on rooftops or installed on vehicles. The antennas capture weak signals and pass them to the amplifier.

Once the weak signal reaches the amplifier, the signal is amplified thereby increasing its strength. After the amplification of the signal, it is passed to the internal antennas. The primary function of the internal antennas is to broadcast the signal again to the desired areas.

A Mobile Phone Signal Booster improves signal strength by just performing three basic functions, which are taking in signals, processing them through the amplifier, and last but not least, rebroadcasting the signals. However, it is also true that all signal boosters do not produce results in a similar capacity.

Signal boosters of different companies vary in coverage, signal gain, and many other features. So, the decision of selecting a signal booster must not be taken in hurry. Moreover, signal boosters of trusted brands like us must be given preference.

My Signal Boosters is one of the notable companies that have proven its excellence in providing signal boosters to millions of customers. We are also known as one of the leading network carriers providing and installing equipment for signal retrieval across the world. Our customers are in entire Europe, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico.

Benefits of a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Losing mobile phone signals amid an important business call can be frustrating. The interruption in the call because of weak signals is common. However, with the problems comes the solution. To evade the weak signal issues, mobile phone signal boosters are no less than redemption.

Plus, your signal is likely to regain its strength in a matter of no time if you install a mobile phone signal booster through reliable companies like us. In short, long gone are the days when weak signals used to interrupt your communications. So, the perk of using a mobile phone signal booster is uninterrupted calls and faster data speed.


Undoubtedly, a mobile phone signal booster is likely to save your mobile device from struggling for signals. However, as already discussed, choosing the right mobile phone signal booster can be challenging. So, if you are still confused about which signal booster to choose, you may go for trusted and reliable service providers like My Signal Boosters or seek an expert opinion about the matter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the products we offer on our website.