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800 MHz

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800 MHz frequency band is used to broadcast 4G signals by Telekom, A1, T-2, Telemach cellular networks in Slovenia. Technically two frequency bands are used to broadcast the 4G signals i.e., 800 MHz, and 1800 MHz. 800 MHz is mostly used in areas having dense populations and 1800 MHz in areas having sparse population concentrations. The 800 MHz mobile signal booster is used to boost the 4G signals for Telemach, T-2, Telekom, A1 cellular networks.

If you are having an issue with 4G signal reception on any of the cellular networks in Slovenia you can buy and use an 800 MHz mobile signal booster. Even if your 4G speed is not up to the mark then also you can use these 800 MHz mobile signal boosters to boost up your 4G speed.

Irrespective of the cellular carrier you are using you can use these signal boosters as they work for all of them. These signal boosters can cover 300 to 5000 square meters of area. So, whatever is the size of your building we have a signal booster for that.

These signal boosters work on both AC and DC power, so you are never out of signals. Also, you can use these 4G signal boosters in any weather condition and in any terrain.

With every product, we manufacture and sell we make sure that each of our products complies with the laws of the land. Our signal boosters are very easy to install and use.

How to Install and Use 800 MHz Mobile Signal Booster

You can install any of our signal boosters in less than 15 minutes without any technical skills or special tools. Everything you need to install these signal boosters is delivered to you in the booster kit that you order on our website.

You can buy and use our signal boosters worry-free. We offer 30 days money-back guarantee on all our products if you are not happy with their performance. Also, we offer free shipping on all our products. If you have any questions regarding any of our products please feel free to contact us.