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Mobile Phone Signal Booster accessories are quite helpful to enhance your experience. The accessories are additional items that you need to purchase along with your signal booster to make it more powerful and feature-rich.

These mobile signal booster accessories are as follows:

Yagi Antenna

The Yagi antenna is a high gain antenna and it can receive signals from over a mile distance. So, if you have poor signal strength like one or two bars on your mobile you should consider buying this antenna. Since it can gain signals from a long distance it gets the strongest signal right from the signal tower. The Yagi antenna can be used with any of the booster units available on our website. It is the most popular antenna among hackers who try to break into WiFi passwords.

Omni Antenna

Omni antenna is the antenna that broadcasts the signal inside the building. It is ceiling mounted antenna and looks like a smoke detector. It broadcasts the signals in all directions so that the boosted signals reach all the corners of the building. If you need to make the boosted signals reach on two floors or in the basement you should add them to your cart while buying a signal booster. One Omni antenna is supplied with every signal booster unit. If you require more you can buy them with your order or buy them separately and make use of them.

Power Surge Protector

As the name suggests it protects your signal booster from any sort of power fluctuation. Power fluctuations may fry up your device and so to prevent that you should use this power surge protector.

Window Jumper

A window jumper helps you pass your cable through windows without drilling a hole in the walls or windows. You can pass this window jumper cable right through the window door. It is a very strong cable and prevents the cutting of wires by the window panes while opening and closing them.

LMR Cable

LMR cable is a coax cable that connects all the components i.e., external antenna, internal antenna, and the base unit amplifier. The default size of the coax cable that is supplied with the signal booster is 10 meters and 5 meters. But, if you require more length you can buy 20 meters, 3o meters, 40 and 50 meters of coax cable length from the page below.

2-Way Splitter

The 2-way splitter is used to connect two internal antennas to the signal booster. The base unit amplifier only has one output port so you need a 2 way-splitter to connect two internal antennas to it.

3-Way Splitter

The 3-way splitter is used to connect three internal antennas to the signal booster. The base unit amplifier only has one output port so you need a 3 way-splitter to connect three internal antennas to it.

4-Way Splitter

The 4-way splitter is used to connect four internal antennas to the signal booster. The base unit amplifier only has one output port so you need a 4 way-splitter to connect four internal antennas to it.

Buy & Use Worry Free

Remember all these products are thoroughly tested before they are packed to send to you. So you won’t face any problem with these accessories. Even if you find any problem with any of our products you can return them in 30 days of your purchase and get your money back.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us.

10dB Coupler


15dB Coupler


2 Way Splitter


3 Way Splitter


4 Way Splitter


5dB Coupler


LMR 400 Cable


LPDA Antenna (Yaggi)


Omni Antenna


Power Surge Protector


Window Jumper