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Mobile communication has become a vital part of our daily lives, and a weak mobile signal can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to access the internet or make a call. This is where mobile signal boosters come in handy. In the United Kingdom, 3G/4G mobile signal boosters are a popular choice.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about 3G & 4G mobile signal boosters, including the carriers, frequencies, coverage area, safety and legality, easy installation, compliance with Ofcom guidelines, CE and RoHS certification, free and fast shipping, easy return, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Carriers and Frequencies

The major mobile carriers in the UK are EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone. These carriers operate on different frequencies, and it is essential to choose a mobile signal booster that is compatible with your carrier’s frequency. 3G/4G mobile signal boosters work on 800/2100 MHz frequency bands.

All the mobile service providers in the UK provide their 3G signals on 2100 MHz, and 4G signals on 800 MHz frequency bands. Since, our 3G/4G mobile signal boosters work on these two frequencies so they perfectly boost the 3G and 4G signals for all the mobile carriers in the United Kingdom. According to your need, you can choose one of the 3G/4G signal boosters and enjoy better and stronger signal reception.

Coverage Area

The coverage area of a mobile signal booster depends on its power and the strength of the outdoor signal. The boosters are designed to cover different areas, ranging from small homes and apartments to large offices and warehouses. Before purchasing a mobile signal booster, it is essential to check the coverage area and ensure that it meets your needs.

Safety and Legality

Safety and legality are also important considerations when it comes to using mobile signal boosters. In the UK, mobile signal boosters are legal to use as long as they meet certain regulatory standards. 3G & 4G mobile signal boosters that comply with Ofcom guidelines, are CE-certified, and RoHS certified are safe and legal to use. It is important to purchase a booster that meets these regulatory standards to ensure safety and legality.

Easy Installation

The installation of 3G & 4G mobile signal boosters is easy and straightforward. The boosters come with a user manual and mobile signal booster installation guide, and most boosters can be installed within minutes. Some boosters also come with an app that helps with installation and provides real-time monitoring of signal strength.

Compliant with Ofcom Guidelines, CE-certified, and RoHS Certified

To ensure safety and legality, it is essential to choose a mobile signal booster that complies with Ofcom guidelines and is CE-certified and RoHS certified. These certifications ensure that the booster meets certain safety and environmental standards. All of our mobile signal boosters are CE-certified, RoHS certified, and comply with the Ofcom’s guidelines. Hence, all of our mobile signal boosters are completely safe and legal to use in the United Kingdom for both personal and commercial purposes.

Free and Fast Shipping

Free and fast shipping is also available for 3G & 4G mobile signal boosters in the UK. Many online retailers offer free shipping and fast delivery options, making it easy and convenient to purchase and receive the booster.

Easy Return and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Easy return policies and 30-day money-back guarantees are also common among retailers of 3G & 4G mobile signal boosters. This ensures that customers are satisfied with their purchase and have the option to return the product if they are not happy with it.


3G & 4G mobile signal boosters are an excellent solution for improving the signal strength of mobile communication and internet access in the UK. It is important to choose a booster that is compatible with your carrier’s frequency and complies with regulatory standards for safety and legality.

With free and fast shipping, easy return policies, and 30-day money-back guarantees, purchasing a 3G & 4G mobile signal booster is a risk-free investment in better mobile communication. If you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us.

All Voice & Data
Quad Universal Signal Booster – 1000 SQM


Coverage: 1000 SQM

Ideal for: Hotel

All Voice & Data
Quad Universal Signal Booster – 300 SQM


Coverage: 300 SQM

Ideal for: Home

All Voice & Data
Quad Universal Signal Booster – 500 SQM


Coverage: 500 SQM

Ideal for: Medium Offices, Studios, And Homes

All Voice & Data
Quad Universal Signal Booster – 5000 SQM


Coverage: 5000 SQM

Ideal for: Offices, Studios, And Homes