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Mobile signal boosters help people improve their signal reception. There are many different types of mobile signal boosters for different purposes, capacities, and features. But, do you know that along with the signal boosters if you choose and use the right accessories you can even enhance the power of your signal booster.

Wondering how? Let’s see how using the mobile signal booster accessories help you enhance the power and capacity of our signal booster.

The Yagi Antenna is a high gain antenna and it helps catch the signals from over a mile. If you have 1-2 signal bars on your phone then you should use a Yagi Antenna. It will help you get a strong signal than the usual panel antenna that is supplied with the signal booster.

If you want to install more than one internal antenna like one in the basement, another on the upper floor, and one on the ground floor then you need a three-way splitter and additional coax cable to connect them all.

Similarly, if your home or office has a problem with power fluctuation then buying and using a Power Surge Protector will save your signal booster from damaging. If you live in a rented apartment or don’t want to drill through the wall to pass the coax cable then you can use the Window jumper. It helps pass the cable from the window panes without drilling.

Remember all these products are thoroughly tested before they are packed to send you. So you won’t face any problem with these accessories.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us.

10dB Coupler


15dB Coupler


2 Way Splitter


3 Way Splitter


4 Way Splitter


5dB Coupler


LPDA Antenna (Yaggi)


Omni Antenna


Power Surge Protector


Window Jumper