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1800 MHz

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In the United Kingdom EE, iD, BT, Virgin Mobile, and Three cellular networks use 1800 MHz frequency bands to provide their voice (2G) signals. If you are experiencing poor 2G signal reception issues i.e., poor signal connectivity, dropped calls, unclear voice, etc., then you should use an 1800 MHz frequency signal booster.

The signal boosters listed below can cover 300 to 5000 square meters of area. Whether you need to enhance the signals at a small home, office, or a large building, we have got you covered. All these boosters are built as per Ofcom’s specifications, so you can use them legally in the country.

Over 3 million customers trust us when it comes to helping them solve their mobile signal reception problems. You can trust the trust of those 3 million customers. We offer 30 days money-back guarantee on all our products if you are not satisfied with their performance.

All these signal boosters are built keeping in mind the convenience of the users. You can install any of our signal boosters easily in less than 15 minutes without any technical skills or special tools. Everything you need to install these signal boosters is delivered to you in the signal booster kit you order on our website.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact our customer service for complete support.

Now you don’t need to keep struggling with poor signal reception problem. Buy yourself a 1800 MHz Mobile Signal Booster Today and enjoy better communication!

Voice Only
Power Max Signal Booster


Coverage: 5000 SQM

Ideal for: Offices, Studios, And Homes

Voice Only
Boost 2G Signal Booster


Coverage: 1000 SQM

Ideal for: Hotel

Voice Only
Pro 2G Signal Booster


Coverage: 500 SQM

Ideal for: Medium Offices, Studios, And Homes

Voice Only
Elite 2G Signal Booster


Coverage: 300 SQM

Ideal for: Home