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700 MHz

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The landscape of telecommunications is undergoing a significant transformation as the world embraces the power of 5G connectivity. In the United Kingdom, one of the crucial frequency bands at the forefront of this evolution is the 700 MHz band. The utilization of the 700 MHz frequency range for 5G services holds the promise of enhanced coverage, improved performance, and the ability to deliver high-speed data to a larger audience. In this article, we delve into the significance of the 700 MHz frequency bands in the context of the UK and explore the cellular carriers that are harnessing this spectrum for their 5G offerings.

Understanding the 700 MHz Frequency Bands

The 700 MHz frequency range, specifically 694-790 MHz, is well-known for its excellent propagation characteristics. Frequencies in this band have the ability to penetrate obstacles, making them particularly valuable for providing wide-area coverage and improving connectivity in indoor and rural environments. This range is also referred to as the “sub-1 GHz” band, as it operates below the 1 GHz threshold.

Benefits of 700 MHz for 5G

One of the primary advantages of utilizing the 700 MHz band for 5G services is the enhanced coverage it offers. The lower frequencies ensure that signals can travel farther, effectively covering larger geographical areas with fewer cell towers. This is particularly beneficial in rural regions where maintaining connectivity can be challenging due to sparse infrastructure.

In addition to coverage, the 700 MHz band provides a balance between coverage and capacity. While not as high in capacity as some higher-frequency bands used for 5G, such as mmWave, the 700 MHz band strikes a harmonious equilibrium, allowing network operators to provide decent data speeds while maintaining a wider coverage footprint.

UK Cellular Carriers and 700 MHz

Several major cellular carriers in the UK are capitalizing on the potential of the 700 MHz frequency band to enhance their 5G services. These carriers include:

  1. EE (BT Group): EE was one of the pioneers in launching 5G services in the UK and has been actively utilizing the 700 MHz band to augment its coverage and capacity. The deployment of 700 MHz has enabled EE to extend its 5G reach to rural and underserved areas.
  2. Vodafone: Vodafone is another key player leveraging the 700 MHz spectrum to provide its 5G services. The deployment of this band complements Vodafone’s existing 5G infrastructure and contributes to delivering a more comprehensive and seamless connectivity experience for its customers.
  3. O2 (Telefónica UK Limited): O2 is also tapping into the potential of the 700 MHz frequency range to bolster its 5G network. By utilizing this band, O2 aims to offer broader coverage and improved indoor connectivity, enhancing the overall quality of its 5G services.


The 700 MHz frequency bands are a cornerstone of the UK’s 5G evolution. Their exceptional propagation characteristics enable cellular carriers to extend coverage to previously underserved areas and deliver a more consistent and reliable connectivity experience for users. As cellular carriers continue to harness the power of the 700 MHz band, the potential for bridging the digital divide, enhancing rural connectivity, and realizing the promise of ubiquitous 5G services becomes increasingly promising. Use our 700 MHz mobile signal booster to improve your 5G signal strength and enjoy faster and uninterrupted 5G signals.

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